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AAA Battery Shield

AAA Battery Shield provides an easy way to power your Arduino board. The shield needs only 2 AAA battery and provides up to 500mA current at 5V, which is enough for most projects.


Parameter Value
Input voltage (VCC) 2-3V
Output voltage 3V
Operating Current 500mA (1A Max)
Operating Temperature -20–70 ℃
Weight 4 g
Dimensions 10(length)×20(width) mm

Hardware Overview

  1. PH2.0 Power Input, 3V
  2. AAA battery holder
  3. Switch
  4. Power indicator
  5. I2C Grove connector
  6. A0/A1 Grove connector

How to use

Get the voltage of AAA battery

Read A0 to get the voltage of battery.

Control the VCC of the 2 Grove connectors

Write HIGH/LOW to turn on/off the VCC of the 2 Grove connectors

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